Jackson County Schools (JCS) has been actively considering the implementation of a
1:1 technology initiative for our students. The prevalence of electronic devices in today's society
increases access to a wide range ofcurricular materials and offers an excellent tool to increase
student engagement and achievement. In fulfilling the mission of preparing students to advance
to college or careers, the school system has an important responsibility to provide substantial
opportunities for students to become proficient with the 21st century work tools and to establish
a foundation of good digital citizenship.

The investigation into a 1:1 technology initiative has consisted of: 1) reviewing the
research of the use/implementation of 1:1 technology in schools across the country, 2)
consideration of appropriate devices and instructional materials, 3) visiting schools that have
successfully implemented 1:1 strategies, 4) interviewing school personnel and students
regarding their experiences in a 1:1 environment, 5) analyzing challenges associated with a 1:1
initiative, 6) professional development models to effectively train teachers, and 7) the
sustainability of a 1:1 educational environment.

JCS has historically provided students with significant technology resources. Traditional
computer labs, as well as classroom based computers, have been the mainstay of the
technology hardware provided to students. In recent years, the technology tools available to
students in the classroom have expanded in various directions including, but not limited to,
laptops and tablets.

As the use of technology in the classroom has expanded, JCS has aggressively
expanded and improved the infrastructure throughout the school system. Wireless internet
connections are now available in all schools. The bandwidth available at each school has been
significantly expanded to support additional internet usage and multiple mobile devices.
Additional technicians and instructional coaches have been employed to support the expanded
use of technology in the classroom.

During the Summer of 2014, high school teachers were provided with extensive training
in the effective use of technology in the classroom. Teachers received and were trained in the
use of an Apple MacBook Air Laptop, iPads, and Apple TV. In addition to the training provided to
all high school teachers, an additional cadre of teachers received more in-depth training in the
use of Apple products. This cadre of teachers will serve as an added resource as schools
across the county continue to expand the use of technology in the classroom. The training
provided to teachers over the summer is being implemented in high school classrooms at this
time, even before a possible adoption of a 1:1 technology initiative is launched.