HealthCheck and Dental Requirements

HealthCheck and Dental Requirements

West Virginia HealthCheck and Dental Examination Requirements for School Enrollment

 All schools support and assist students in being healthy learners through promoting annual well child examinations, up-to-date immunizations, emergency information, preventive health care and enrollment for children and families into health care insurance.   

All students entering Pre-K, Kindergarten, Grade 2, Grade 7, or grade 12 in the fall of 2018 should have on file within 45 days of enrollment, or prior to the first day of school attendance, a record of a WV HealthCheck screening, or other comprehensive health screening comparable to the HealthCheck protocol. All screening forms shall be signed and dated by the child’s licensed health care provider and completed within the prior 12 calendar months.  If the student does not have proof of a HealthCheck, the classroom teacher shall be informed to ensure any potential learning deficits (vision, hearing, speech and language, developmental, etc.) will be referred to the appropriate school personnel for screening as individually indicated. Parents of students who do not have a primary care physician may wish to consider enrollment in the Jackson County Schools Wellness Center. Information will be sent home with each student on the first day of school attendance.

During the well child visit, you will have opportunities to talk with the provider about questions and concerns you may have about your child. In addition, your provider will give you age-appropriate information on safety, and talk about healthy habits and routines, school progress and the importance of activity and play.

In addition to the WV HealthCheck well child visit, each child entering Pre-K, or Kindergarten is requested to show proof of a dental examination prior to entry into school.  If your child is entering kindergarten and did not provide proof of a dental examination in Pre-K, a dental examination is recommended prior to kindergarten enrollment.

 Likewise, students entering grade 2, grade 7, or grade 12 should have on file, prior to or within 45 days of enrollment, a record of an oral health examination. The dental examination should provide proof that the student completed a dental examination within the last 12 months.  The school nurse may provide a form to document a student dental examination or the dentist may have his/her own form which should include at a minimum, the date when the exam was given and the dentists signature. If the student does not have proof of an oral health examination during the grade of requirement, the student may be enrolled into the WVDHHR Oral Health Project. Information regarding enrollment in the Jackson County Schools Wellness Center mobile dental program will be provided on the first day of school attendance.

 If your child is enrolled in Medicaid, CHIP, or any other dental insurance plan, the exam will be paid for by them. If your child needs insurance, please visit WVinRoads at to see if you qualify for Medicaid or CHIP.  If your child has already received their dental examination, please ask your childs Dentist to provide you with proof in the form of the date the exam was completed and the Dentists signature. In order for the school to assist with follow-up care coordination, it would be beneficial if the information indicated the need for additional dental work.

Children with healthy teeth live longer, have more productive lives and higher self-esteem.  The oral health of your child is important to ensure their school success, health and happiness.  Please work with your Dentist and school to make sure your child has a healthy smile and great life!

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