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School Delays and Closings

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Citizens who wish to receive email notifications should visit the state Department of Education's website and subscribe to be notified via email.

Parents may also call the school information hotline at 373-0001 to get information on school closings.


Emergency School Closing Procedures

The Jackson County Board of Education and the personnel in all of our schools are sincerely concerned about the pupils placed in our charge. Their safety is of utmost importance. Emergency situations sometimes occur that warrant the closing of schools to protect their well-being.

How are parents, students and the community notified when schools are closed or delayed?

When the decision is made by the Superintendent of Jackson County Schools to close, delay or have early dismissal from schools, radio and television stations in the immediate and surrounding areas are notified to make the appropriate announcement.

  • You may call the school information hotline at 373-0001 to get information on school closings.
  • You may also check online.

The codes for school closings are as follows:

  • Code A - Schools are closed. The following personnel will report to work: All 260-day personnel, principals, assistant principals and custodians.
  • Code B - Schools are closed - The following personnel will report to work: All 260 day personnel, principals and assistant principals.
  • Code C - Schools are closed. No personnel will report to work.
  • Code D - Schools are closed. Unusual or special circumstances exist. The superintendent will issue specific instructions to employees through the automated calling system, email and the school system website. Employees have the responsibility of checking for available information and reporting to work if so directed.
  • **Bus operators are given the authority to make a second decision on their particular run if the road appears to be unsafe. The bus operator will notify his/her supervisor and other bus operators as well as those children involved with his/her assigned run.

    **Parents play an important part in the decision of whether to send their child to school. If they feel their child should not ride the bus due to bad weather, they may keep them home. When the child returns to school, he/she should have a note from his/her parent or guardian stating the circumstances.

    You can assist school authorities in emergency situations by:

  • Having a radio and/or TV available to listen for announcements of school closings.

  • Do not call or have children call the central office staff or principals unless it is absolutely necessary. All available phone lines are needed by the schools and school board office to communicate with each other, with radio and TV stations and other consulting agencies.

    Unless the school principal or teacher is properly notified in advance, each child will be released from school to return home in the regular manner. Notification to the school of special procedures for a child to follow should be in writing and signed by the parent or guardian. School board policy prohibits releasing a child from the school to anyone except the child's parents or guardian unless specific permission is given by the parent or guardian to school authorities.

    Make sure children know what to do in the event the parent is not at home when an early dismissal occurs.


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