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Please take the time to remember the importance of hand washing. Perhaps, reviewing a list of suggestions
offered by the West Virginia Child Nutrition Center would be helpful to you.
  • Steps to Proper Hand washing: Use warm water, apply soap, lather for 20 seconds, rinse, and dry with a clean towel or paper towel.
  • Hands should be washed after using the toilet or touching any dirty surface, after coughing/sneezing, and before touching food or eating.
  • Clean hands can reduce the spread of bacteria and other harmful microorganisms that cause illnesses.
  • Students who routinely wash hands reduce the number and frequency of illnesses that result in school absenteeism.
  • Teach children to was hands thoroughly.
  • Work with your school to encourage children to wash hands before meals.
  • Encourage your school to adopt hand washing as a regular routine for the school day.
  • Proper hand washing is the best and #1 method to stop the spread of food borne illnesses and other transmitted diseases.
  • Be a role model by washing hands properly and frequently.
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